A day in the life of Own’s UI/UX Designer, Nezir Begic

If you’re wondering who the brains behind Own’s visual branding is then you’ll be interested to find out more about our UI/UX Designer, Nezir Begic. Based at our office in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Nezir is constantly pushing the creative envelope to help us stand out in the market. 

So what does it take to bring a brand like Own to life? We spoke to Neza – as he’s more commonly known to the team – about his typical day…  

What’s your morning routine?  

I don’t really have a set morning routine, other than doing the usual things like taking a shower, eating breakfast, reading the news and checking my emails. If the weather is nice then I might go for a run.

On the way to work I usually listen to a podcast – either something informative or some comedy to start the day right! I get to the office around 9:00am, make myself a coffee and check my emails and task list for the day before our daily group meetings at 9:30am.  

What does a typical day as a UI/UX Designer look like?  

To be honest, every day is different. I have some regular tasks, such as scheduled meetings, but each day brings a new challenge. This is due to the nature of my job, and the fact that I work on multiple streams simultaneously.  

I always get involved in morning development team meetings with our offices in Sarajevo and Munich, so that I can answer any UI/UX related questions. After the group meetings I tend to have one-to-one catch ups with colleagues – for instance, working with our Head of Marketing, Ivana, on the latest brand tasks.  

Mornings are quite hectic, so all of my intensive jobs tend to be done in the afternoon. And having a full stomach after lunch helps me to concentrate! 

Speaking of lunch, do you find time to take a break?  

At lunch time we always try to go out. Our office is in a really urban part of the city, so we have a lot of options for where we can eat – but I usually resort to a burger!  

I don’t like to eat lunch in the office, as I think it’s good to get outside and clear your head after a busy morning.  

You have a very hectic job – what do you enjoy most about it?  

I love every moment of the creative process, even though it has its ups and downs. In truth I am not always happy with my work, but I think that’s how I grow. I live for the days when I nail something and it looks awesome!  

At the end of a long day, how do you unwind?  

I usually finish up at the office around 5:00pm. Sometimes I will do a little work from home in the evening, but I try not to; my spare time is for relaxing or catching up with friends and family.  

It’s one extreme or the other – you will either find me out partying or enjoying quiet time at home, drawing or watching a movie!  

Want to be part of Own’s talented workforce? Visit our careers page to find out more about our latest opportunities.  

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