A day in the life of Own’s Business Analyst, Katie Olkowski

The powerhouse behind our product development.

As Own’s in-house Business Analyst, Katie Olkowski is involved in all the critical development projects that ensure our company’s continued growth.  

She recently located from our Bristol hub in the UK to Munich, Germany, to work more closely with strategic team members – so now is the perfect time to ask Katie what her new routine looks like…   

How do you start the day?  

Thinking about it, my morning routine is incredibly efficient. I recently invested in a travel mug so that I can drink my coffee on the train rather than at home – that saves me another 15 minutes in the morning! 

I get to our Munich office for 9:00am each morning, and the first thing I do is write a task list. This helps me to stay focussed, as I find it easiest to prioritise my workload before I actually start anything.  

Is there such thing as a ‘typical day for you?  

Each day is different, but I like it that way. I have a lot of interaction with people – my morning might start off talking to our development team, or speaking to our UX Designer, Nezir, about the latest product designs. 

Equally I might have a more strategic focus and begin by chatting to our COO, Florian, about the new user flows we want to introduce, or our CTO, Ermin, about the development work that needs to be prioritised. If I get really lucky then I’ll have some time available to research new ideas and requirements for future work.  

When it gets to lunch time I always go out for a stroll to get some fresh air for 20 minutes or so, then eat a packed lunch at my desk. The afternoons are comprised of the same sort of tasks as my mornings, but I often move around the office and sit somewhere else.  

I’m not that much of a routine person, and changing location during the day freshens my mind and keeps me focused.  

How do you know it’s been a productive day?  

I always leave work feeling pretty happy; I get along with everyone on the team and the amount of hard work people put in is really inspiring. I feel a huge sense of pride seeing how committed everyone is to making awesome products, and the results we deliver speak for themselves.  

How do you relax at the end of a busy day?  

I finish up at around 6pm, and I might then read a few industry articles or catch up on social media. I always go on our Telegram page if I need a good laugh – some of the chat and the memes being produced really crack me up!  

I am also something of a hobbyist; I’m always learning or doing something new. One of my favourite pastimes is gardening, especially in the springtime as I plant new things every year, learn how to take care of them and watch them sprout for the first time.  

Last year I really tried to up my gardening game with project management charts and successive planting, but unfortunately slugs got the better of me! I ended up with a small, but proud, harvest.  

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