5 reasons we think Project Crowd is great

Your opportunity to invest in the next generation freelancer project

When WeOwn built our digital investment platform, our vision was to help innovative companies secure the backing they needed to reach the next business level – and give everyday investors the opportunity to be part of this journey.

We’re excited to now help one company – Project Crowd – achieve this goal, by launching our first live investment offer this October. And there are many reasons for investors to pay attention to this ambitious technology company.

Project Crowd is reinventing recruitment through Prowd, a new and unique platform for freelancers and employers, creating better connections, increasing trust, and saving time and money.

If you’re looking for a business case to invest in Project Crowd, here are a few things to consider…

1. Freelancing is a growth market

The lure of flexible working, collaborative opportunities and career control is attracting more people than ever to self-employment; the number of freelancers in the European Union rose by a quarter (24%) between 2008 and 2015, according to IPSE, while research predicts that the majority of professionals in the USA will be freelance by 2027.

This exponential growth is being accelerated by two main factors: firstly, the rising Millennial population, who see their ‘office’ as anywhere with an internet connection. They will happily partner with companies all over the world, provided the opportunity is right.

Secondly, more organisations are acknowledging the cost and productivity benefits of hiring specialist personnel for particular projects, rather than defaulting to recruiting full-time members of staff. In fact, 70% of SMEs now use freelance staff.

Individual connections and networking will only take this fast-growing freelance community so far; they need a place to discover new opportunities, and companies need a go-to location for sourcing staff. Prowd is that platform.

2. There’s an appetite for change in recruitment

When it comes to industry reputation, recruiters don’t fare well. A UK study found that recruitment is one of the top 10 least trusted professions, which shows people are willing to embrace new ways to improve the employment process.

Prowd’s launch is a perfect alignment of problem, opportunity and solution. The growing Millennial workforce are digital natives, meaning they look to technology to improve on processes and build new connections. Through its use of AI, the Prowd platform has greater speed and intelligence than any individual person, and therefore can do a better job of connecting companies and freelance professionals.

Plus, Prowd has a number of built-in features that make the employment journey flow smoothly – optimising frustrations in other aspects of the recruitment process. For example, its smart payment features enable financial flexibility with maximum security for both parties, while its digital approach removes the pain of paperwork when building contracts.

3. Prowd is a smarter way to search for the right-fit person

Human beings hold fundamental bias, meaning factors such as age, background and CV layout can result in strong candidates aren’t considered for business opportunities. By using a technology-driven search engine, the Prowd platform calculates results based on one clear objective: to find the right person for each role.

Prowd simplifies the search for qualified external specialists, improving the efficiency of HR processes and creating a great user experience for both recruiters and freelancers. The Prowd platform is also unique in using smart data to analyse ‘cultural fit factor’, to predict and plan for certain performance outcomes when creating a team of external specialists.

Best of all, because it uses AI, Prowd becomes even smarter the more candidates it matches – driving more users to the platform, and growing Project Crowd’s industry reach.

4. It’s accessible to the global business population

We’ve spoken about the size of the freelance market, but another thing that makes Project Crowd an interesting investment opportunity is its potential global reach. Any freelancer or business in the world can join, provided they have an internet connection.

Affordability is a key barrier to adoption, but Prowd is free to use – with no commission or hidden fees – which means it’s accessible to micro businesses and SMEs that struggle to allocate budget for the traditional recruitment process. And the sheer size of the small business community should make Project Crowd of interest to potential investors.

5. Securing a stake is straightforward and affordable

Prowd is not the only no-fee platform involved in this public fundraising offer. Project Crowd has chosen to launch through WeOwn’s digital investment platform, which is free for investors to use.

Our digital approach to helping companies secure investment means the sign-up process is really straightforward; everything is conducted online, with just a couple of verification checks required for legal purposes.

Investors can choose how much you feel comfortable putting into Project Crowd, with options available to suit a huge range of budgets. Then all you have to do is follow the simple online process to secure your stake!

In fact, the only downside is that there’s a limited amount of time to participate. Project Crowd’s investment round closes in a few weeks. So don’t wait around!

Join WeOwn’s investor platform to find out more about investing in Project Crowd.

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