A beginner’s guide to WeOwn’s digital investment technology

Discover how we make fundraising quicker, simpler and more affordable

WeOwn is on a mission to change the equity market. We want to give businesses greater control over the way you raise capital – cutting out costly, time-consuming processes involving middlemen we simply do not need.

To enable this, we have created a digital investment platform that enables full end-to-end equity issuance and servicing, to rival existing models like IPOs. It features all the tools that companies need to raise capital and communicate with investors, forging a strong, direct relationship that is not possible within traditional investment methods. 

Here is a brief overview of our market-changing technology…

What is the Digital Marketplace?  

WeOwn’s Digital Marketplace is our primary tool for enabling a full end-to-end equity issuance and servicing platform to rival traditional investment models, such as IPOs and private fundraising.  

The platform can be accessed by market operators, businesses and investors, who are able to use our full technology suite.

What are the benefits?   

As part of our tokenized asset ecosystem, WeOwn’s Digital Marketplace connects companies and investors, significantly lowering the cost and time it takes to initiate fundraising transactions.   

Our solution helps businesses to issue shares and raise capital within 10 weeks, while leveraging partner equity services to ensure the process is fully regulated and legally compliant. This speed is achieved by cutting out unnecessary middlemen – brokers, dealers, trading accounts, registrars, CSDs and clearing houses – which dramatically reduces associated fees as well.  

Additionally, our platform is built on WeOwn’s purpose-built blockchain, developed specifically for the financial services industry, meaning all data actions are completely secure. Digital Marketplace users can digitise the rights to an asset to enable tamper-proof trading and fractional share ownership. This opens the market to an entire new investor base, lowering the barrier for entry and making investment opportunities much more appealing to a younger investor demographic.  

Beyond share issuance, our Digital Marketplace enables enterprises to manage their entire equity lifecycle in a ‘one stop shop’ including share registration, voting events, dividends, reporting and other corporate action.  

It also encourages investors to actively participate in the owner relationship, by voting in real-time on company resolutions, monitoring the value of their shareholdings and updating their contact details where necessary to ensure ongoing communications.   

Why now?  

The WeOwn team has been working hard since our inception to find innovative use cases for the blockchain within financial services. Our Digital Marketplace is market-leading in that it offers asset tokenization; an emerging market with huge potential.

How can companies access the Digital Marketplace?  

There are two ways in which enterprises typically start using our Digital Marketplace. The first way is signing up directly for the solution; it’s free to register, and our core services are also available free of charge.  

The second way in which businesses come to use the Digital Marketplace Platform is by managing their investor database through our Decentralised Stakeholder Register (DSR). Enterprises may choose to initially just manage their register through our technology, but then begin to explore the other features we offer. In fact, once we enable share issuance on our platform, DSR users get the first chance to participate.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which route companies choose; they can move seamlessly between our different products and services to leverage our complete ecosystem. All they need to do is register free of charge and create a company profile.  

In addition to our business portal, we offer market operators a customised dashboard with colours, logos and fonts tailored to their company branding. The exact appearance of the market operator dashboard depends on the reason they are using our Digital Marketplace – for example, some enable public investors to join, others focus on invite-only private market opportunities – and we work with each market operator client to create a layout that works for their organisation.  

How can investors access the Digital Marketplace?  

Like our enterprise clients, the Digital Marketplace is free of charge for investors to register with and use – all they need to do is create a log-in and build their own profile. In addition to an online dashboard, we also have a bespoke mobile app, My WeOwn, that investors can download to control their shares on-the-move.

Some investors are invited to sign up for our simple-to-use app by the company that they hold shares in, using a unique confirmation code. This automatically populates the dashboard with their holding information, and sets-up communication channels through which they can vote on board resolutions. 

If the companies in which investors have a stake aren’t yet Digital Marketplace users, we encourage them to sign up and send investors a confirmation code to kick-start the process

We appreciate that there may be users who want to use the Digital Marketplace as both a company and an investor, so we give them the capacity to operate in both roles.  

Register on our Digital Marketplace for free to start reaching new investors.