2019: WeOwn’s mid-year milestones

We’ve been a busy bunch this year so far

We rang in the New Year, blinked… and suddenly it’s the summer! It’s been a busy first half here at WeOwn HQ, and we’ve got a lot of important milestones to celebrate. It’s important to take stock of success, so let’s look at what we’ve achieved so far, before we focus our vision on the rest of the year.  

New products and clients 

Never ones to stand still, we’ve been constantly evolving our Digital Marketplace to bring new digital investment features to companies and investors.  

Version 2.0 of our business portal went live in February, giving high growth companies a direct route to new business capital. Through our Digital Marketplace, business owners can now create and launch private offers, run all KYC and compliance checks, manage their investor database and get immediate access to funds. The process is quick, slick and fuss-free, and the dashboard looks pretty cool as well!  

As the saying goes, build it and they will come – and our updated Digital Marktplace has brought WeOwn some exciting new clients. We’re about to launch our first collaboration with PROJECT CROWD – an innovator in the recruitment tech space. We’ve got other offers in the pipeline too, and our second client is an established brand bringing a new product to market. Watch this space…  

Of course, an investment offer is useless without an audience, and a huge achievement in H1 was launching our new online investor portal. Users can sign up for free and we’ll verify their identity and eligibility before giving them access to our new offers, as they go live.  

Big technical developments  

Underpinning our product developments are some genuinely pioneering technical innovations, and we’ve taken huge strides forward with our technical infrastructure over the past six months.  

After laying the foundations for our own, native blockchain last year, this year we rolled it out fully and launched our public mainnet. We’re very impressed with the performance our native blockchain; as this recent article illustrates, our blockchain is quicker to process transactions than well-known public blockchains like Stellar and EOS.  

As part of this progression, we created a native token – CHX – fuelling our blockchain, and then asked all ERC-20 CHX holders to swap over to the native CHX token. This was completed successfully in June, and there are now more than 168 million CHX tokens in circulation.  

This year we also created our own token wallet, which can used to transfer tokenized asset or CHX, stake into another validator node or submit other actions that our blockchain supports.  If you’d like to open a digital wallet, you can do so here.  

There is one other technical developments worth shouting about at this mid-year point. Firstly, last month we launched our Blockchain Explorer, which provides transparency over all the transactions and activities happening on our blockchain, similar to Etherscan for the Etherum blockchain. 

Significant partnerships 

It’s not just our products we’ve been working on this year – we’ve been establishing valuable new industry connections as well.  

The BIG news is the inception of our STO Alliance, which launched in February. We’ve partnered with five service providers in Liechtenstein to create an end-to-end Security Token Offer (STO) solution. This means that we can give companies the capacity to create, compliance check and set regulated digital investment offers live in less than 10 weeks. Pretty amazing, right?! 

This is pretty pioneering stuff, so we’re delighted that our efforts in the blockchain investment space have been recognised recently by the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications – also known as INATBA.  

A Europe-wide organisation, INATBA was set up to help unlock blockchain’s full business and public potential, and WeOwn has been specially selected to become a founding member. You can read more about our partnership with in INATBA here.  

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also partnered up with DustAid to support the collection of blockchain dust for charitable causes. At the moment, DustAid is doing a brilliant job securing donations for the Little Edi Foundation’s Shoebox appeal, which aims to positively impact the lives of orphans in Romania. We’re very proud to be supporting this worthwhile journey.  

Our brand continues to grow 

It’s easy to forget that we’re still a young business, taking shape as we define our products and services. We’ve been continually working in the background to find and develop our brand look and voice, and we’ve made some interesting moves forwards.  

We’ve literally just pressed go on a brand-new company website, which brings our ethos to life. It has a really clean, engaging feel, which we think you’re going to like it a lot. You might notice people floating about on some of the pages; we’ll tell you more about who they are soon – although if you spot any dogs, those are just for fun!

We’ve been expanding the WeOwn family too, launching our first ever global brand ambassador programme in the past couple of months. This is being spearheaded by our new Brand Evangelists, Ray and Rowan, who are helping to nurture a network of regional representatives to embed the WeOwn investment model in even more territories.  

We have some very exciting developments being rolled out over the next few months that are related to the WeOwn community, so keep a close eye on our website and social media channels for more details.  

Out and about  

Given all the above, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d been chained to our desks for the past six months. However, our core team have still found time to get out and about to many high-profile industry events.  

WeOwn has been represented all over the world in 2019, from Consensus and Token Summit in New York to sponsoring Blockercon in Bristol. Other conferences we’ve featured at include the Finance Forum in Liechtenstein, Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, and Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam. 

We’ve also programmed our own events, hosting several industry meet-ups at our Sarajevo office to engage the developer community.  

What’s in store for the rest of 2019?  

We might have reached the halfway point, but Team WeOwn have got no intention of slowing down over the next six months. Follow us on social media for the latest company updates, including details of our mysterious Project X, which we recently revealed being a decentralised stock exchange representing our third pillar. Something definitely worth waiting for… 

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