Tokenising equity, debt and post-trade services.

WeOwn is a blockchain-based technology provider enabling the finance industry to transform B2B debt and equity finance and post-trade processes. Our eSmart Finance Platform highly benefits our customers by reducing administration costs, speeding up processes, mitigating counter party risks and expanding funding sources.

What makes us special

We provide a state-of-the-art blockchain technology built with financial services in mind enabling financial institutions with unprecedented savings in costs and energy consumption high performance and security as well as full ecosystem interoperability with other blockchains and systems.

Our eSmart Finance solution covers the entire value chain for equity and loan instruments: from onboarding and risk scoring, via minting and tokenisation of securities, contract and investor lifecycle management to secondary trading.

Our expert team combines traditional financial market knowledge with innovative cutting-edge technology and blockchain innovation.  

Why you should work with WeOwn

Cost saving

Our approach of moving away from the traditional route removes intermediaries like CSD (central securities depository) and thereby helps our clients to reduce their administrative costs. 

Environmentally conscious

Due to its efficient architecture and therefore low computer power consumption our blockchain has an unmatched carbon footprint. 

Quick route to connect

Our eSmart Finance solution has a high level of integration with our clients’ core systems and with their respective ecosystem partners.

Offer new services

We help clients expand their financing offering. This creates new sources of income, improves risk profiles and increases diversification.

Asset flexibility

Asset classes covered: Equity, Dept & Loan Securities, Derivates, Certificates.

High-speed transparency

Through fully transparent documentation of all transactions, we are faster and more secure.

The lowest transaction costs

Because our blockchain solution is designed specifically for securities, we have significantly lower transaction costs and an end-to-end traceability and control when issuing and trading digital assets. 

Eco system integration

Our custom blockchain provides bridges to all major multi-purpose blockchains (e. g. Ethereum) and therefore combines cost, performance and security advantages of purpose built blockchain and keeps flexibility to future blockchain trends.

Expertise & Innovation

Coming from the traditional finance world, we understand both the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. In other words, we speak your language.  
We don’t believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. Our cutting-edge technology is built with specific benefits in mind: driving efficiency, reducing admin costs and market risks and instigating business growth.  

What is tokenisation?

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