Like crowdfunding, but better

Own's FAST Platform is a fuss-free way to find the next big thing and invest in their brand. 

It's quick, simple and affordable - like crowdfunding, but better.


Who are you?


Raise capital & accelerate growth through a single, global platform

  • Launch new fundraising offers in just 4-10 weeks
  • Instant liquidity - no settlement periods
  • Built-in CRM tools that turn investors into customers


Get affordable equity in the hottest emerging brands

  • Instant connection to new investment offers
  • Share options to suit every budget
  • Control everything through one online dashboard

6 reasons why our FAST Platform rocks

Instant access to your portfolio

Affordable offers, no up-front costs

Equity in high growth brands

Personalised dashboard with offers & updates

Cool digital tools for sustainable management

Exclusive perks from the brands you’re backing

The beginning of a beautiful friendship…

We’re not interested in one-shot fundraisers; we want to help you make money for life. 

That’s why Own brought the best people and technology together to create something completely different.   

We've got enterprise experience and start-up energy.

It’s a winning combination – and you’re the beneficiary.